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Being innovative, being able to adapt to the ever changing market, being extremely purpose driven, thinking outside the box, working at a fast pace

Company Culture Guide 1

Culture of our company

Having a positive startup mentality engraved into our DNAs, we thrive to achieve the company mission and visions we set out.
Setting high standards and goals for ourselves and for clients for mutual growth
We thrive for flexibility in team management without limiting roles and responsibilities
We thrive for transparency in sharing our work progress including new challenges and development.
Anyone can fail, and it’s okay to fail but let that failure be successful failures
Regardless of age, sex and titles, we will treat each other with respect and mindfulness
Do our best to improve quality of people’s lives
Company Culture Guide 2

Work procedure

  • 01

    High standards and performance

    We are not an organization that makes the things anyone could do. Think differently from others and strive constantly with the goal which could go beyond limits of individuals and team always as active organization making impossible things happened and making more outstanding things..

  • 02

    Transparency in work progress

    Company makes public transparent enterprise situation for the company and team members in order to set clear goals by themselves. We disclose transparently the work of the team and their work (Funds situation and sales except for annual income), so that company and colleague are aware of task progressing, and they can respond quickly. Each one’s business contents should be shared online and examined by team always.

  • 03

    Flexible team management and responsible leadership

    We are all leading talents and leaders who have the freedom to set and carry out our tasks and schedules by ourselves. Freedom comes from responsibility, and when responsibility breaks down, freedom also breaks down as well. There is one leader in a team, and decisions are made based on the opinions of team members. Team members follow decisions made.

  • 04

    Self-introspection and feedback for mutual growth

    We look back and don't be afraid to get feedback for our own growth. In addition, for the growth of colleagues, we should give objective feedback based on trust.

  • 05

    Proactive communication

    We resolve any issues by professional communication that is conducted offline by principle. Do not wait for the others to ask, and I communicate actively first.

  • 06

    Open Door Policy

    Executives and managers are always ready to get feedback, discuss and coach.

Company Culture Guide 3


Respect and understanding, interaction and communication

  • We are colleagues going through this jungle together.

    The person standing next to me is not an enemy, but a colleague who will go through this jungle together. Instead of ignoring what is lacking and not fitting, we try to find a way to move forward with synergy.

  • Recognize, praise and help each other.

    We can accept and recognize a person who is better than me, help each other to discover and realize the other’s better

  • Courage for communication

    There is no organization without conflict, and conflict cannot be solved without communication. No one will know if you don’t talk. We need to talk to each other and improve so that we can be a good team instead of avoiding conflict. Don’t keep conflict tied up and be courageous to each other.

  • Altruism and good influence

    We do not take advantage of individuals that harm others or companies. We are all good influencers.

  • First of all, wear the shoes of someone else

    Good communication is not something that only one person can do well. If you don’t understand others, they don’t understand you neither. We have to look back at ourselves and understand the others first, then you can understand each other. It must be not unilateral, but interactive. Recognize that some of your small actions can hurt someone, and have an attitude of understanding so that each other can have a happy corporate life. When egoism prevails and think only of me, an organization can be disintegrated by a crisis.

  • Thinking colleagues

    Opinions or work system which had not thought sufficiently can tire the person who you work with and brings the bad efficiency back. Also, it might lower your rating. Make sure that we think enough and suggest logical opinions so that we can communicate wisely and smartly. We always think of the priority and timely scope of work accordingly.

  • We are not prejudiced and we do not discriminate

    We are all the same person. Whatever you look at, the same contents feel differently depending on how you look at it.

  • It’s not wrong, it’s just different.

    Everyone can think differently. There is nothing presumed. It’s not wrong, it’s not false, but it’s just different. We respect their opinions instead of ignoring the other’s experiences and thoughts, just because the others are different with me